Apr 15, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Tip from Henkel

A good mood can be trained

Whether its stubborn stains, the right fragrance or the perfect styling – in our new series “Tip from Henkel,” we know exactly how to help you with your daily routines. Although Henkel excels in Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care expertise, we have specialists in far more fields. One example is Dr. Andreas Bauck, Director of Medical Services at Henkel, who knows how a good mood can be trained.

Dr. Andreas Bauck, Head of Corporate Health

Dr. Andreas Bauck, Director of Medical Services at Henkel, shows, how short exercises can generate a positive mood.

While some still believe that there is a correlation between a good mood and the lunar phases, we know nowadays, that a good mood can be trained and controlled. Although the state of mind is partially genetically influenced, a large impact comes from a familiar environment and society. A bad mood can quickly become chronic, causing stomach aches and making you vulnerable to diseases. With a few tips, you can counteract:

Tip: The right breathing technique for a good mood

Your breathing technique has a major impact on your overall mood: Slow and relaxed breathing lifts your overall mood. On the contrary, breathing fast and hectic can raise anxiety and promote stress.

Following exercises can be used throughout the day:
Sit upright and make sure that your back is straight. In the next four to five minutes, focus solely on breathing. Breathe deeper than usual but let your breath flow easily in and out. “Imagine fresh energy entering your body, reaching every cell with every breath you take,” said Dr. Bauck. “If other thoughts come to mind, push those aside and focus solely on breathing. After ten minutes you will feel the difference and be in a better mood.”

Tip: A good start into the day

It has been proven: A conscious start into your week will have a positive effect on the following days. A tip might be to get up a few minutes earlier than you usually do. Often, a few minutes more make a big difference. These few extra minutes could be invested into a short and healthy breakfast, more time whilest getting ready or a conversation with your partner.

Tip: Exercise and fresh air

Exercise and sports have proven to have a mood-enhancing effect. This is due to the release of endorphins, which make us happy. Any type of physical activity promotes the production of serotonin and dopamine – both commonly known for their mood-lifting effect. Make sure to stay active in your everyday life. Spend your lunchtime with a walk outside, it promotes energy flow and lifts your overall mood. Even small activities can have a positive effect. Dr. Bauck advises: “Take the stairs instead of the elevator or ride the bike to work – it helps your body and mind stay fit.”

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