Apr 27, 2016  Bogota / Colombia

Schwarzkopf Professional initiative

Shaping futures – The story of Duver and Alexis

The start of a new life and an own hair salon – with the support of the Schwarzkopf Professional’s social initiative Shaping Futures, the Colombian brothers Duver and Alexis were able to realize their dream and complete a hairdressing education. This is their story:

Duver cuts a customer’s hair.

Always with a friendly smile: Duver cuts a customer’s hair.


Alexis followed the example of his brother and successfully completed the Shaping Futures training.

After losing their mother at a young age, the young men grew up in an SOS Children’s Village in Colombia, which they had to leave later on, due to security reasons. Arriving in the new Children’s Village and adapting to the new environment, the next challenge followed shortly: Alexis became seriously ill and had to undergo medical treatment. Thanks to his brother’s support and encouragement, Alexis completed his treatment and his health improved. The brothers’ fortunes had taken a turn for the better and other successes lay in store.

Two brothers – one goal

While Alexis was in therapy, Duver seized an opportunity to create a better life for the both of them: In 2012 and 2013 he successfully completed a hairdresser training with the Shaping Futures initiative. After finishing his training, Duver opened his own salon naming it “Street DA” after his and Alexis’ initials. Through his creative talent and his positive energy, Duver was invited in 2014 by Schwarzkopf Professional to the stage of the Essential Looks show as a newcomer.

And Alexis? Inspired by the success and ambition of his brother Duver, he also completed the Shaping Futures hairdresser training successfully. Two brothers – one goal: The name of their salon “Street DA” is now complete.