May 6, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Ceresit and Makroflex

Henkel is Official Sponsor of the Ice Hockey World Championship 2016

For the tenth time in a row Henkel is an official sponsor of the IIHF World Championship. This year the competition will take place from May 6 to May 22 in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The Henkel brands Ceresit and Makroflex will stand in focus for ice hockey fans for over two weeks. Ceresit is famous for its dry construction mixes, while Makroflex is a known brand ofconstruction foam. Both have outstanding market positions in Eastern Europe where ice hockey is one of the most popular team sports.

The Ceresit advertizing campaign.

The Ceresit advertizing campaign.

Our company continues to actively support major international sporting events, such as the IIHF World Championship. It is yet another opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to sports in general and to ice hockey in particular," said Alexander Zaitsev, General Director of Henkel Bautechnik in Russia. "Sports and business have a lot in common: it's the constant striving to move forward, and to achieve more. Besides, similar to business, which cannot develop without its consumers, no team can win without the support of its fans."

To promote Ceresit in Russia Henkel Russia ran the contest, "I want to go to hockey games with Ceresit!" The participants were able to win tickets for the IIHF World Championship 2016 by sharing a photo with Ceresit on a special promo website. As part of the sponsorship, Henkel will introduce its new promotional video "Goalkeeper" during the Championship. This ads aptly conveys the nature of this sport to real men, and the high-quality and thorough approach of Henkel in manufacturing its Ceresit products. Preparing for the world championship, the company has also introduced a limited series of its tile adhesives and primers under the brand Ceresit and the construction foam Makroflex in a unique ice hockey design. And Makroflex has also launched the large-scale campaign "Come on, Russia!" in support of those consumers who are the fans of the Russian ice hockey.

In the tournament some 16 national teams, including Russia, Germany, the USA and Canada will participate. More than 30 million ice hockey fans are expected to watch the matches on TV. And more than 500,000 fans will be watching the 64 games of the championship in person.