May 12, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Significant sales growth in the Australian mining sector

Growth in the mining industry drives demand for Henkel’s polymer composites products

For over a decade, the Henkel Adhesive Technologies business in Australia and New Zealand has achieved significant sales growth in the mining sector, particularly through its polymer composites product range. The Henkel Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul sales team has been able to deliver innovative and cost-saving solutions to the mining industry, which has expanded the mining sector into a multi-million Australian dollar business for Henkel.

Henkel sells the Loctite range of products in all major mine sites across Australia and New Zealand, and this is because the adhesives manufacturer has proven unparalleled performance of its products as well as provided significant cost savings to the mining companies.

A large part of this growth occurred since 2012, when Henkel embarked on a program to establish a national applicator network with companies that had certified access to the mining market. Henkel supplied these companies with the necessary products, and provided training for their employees using the products.

“We were delighted with the performance and cost-saving benefits of the Loctite products,” says Doug Renton from Arrium Mining, an Australian mining company. During eight weeks of tests, Loctite technologies helped Arrium save costs and reduce maintenance at its iron ore mining plant in South Australia: And plans are now in place to develop the partnership further.

Henkel convinced Arrium Mining to agree to an eight-week trial of Henkel’s Loctite compound products. These enable customers to maintain and protect industrial equipment, like the huge machinery used in iron ore mining. Regular inspections were undertaken during the trial to document the performance of Loctite technologies. After conducting a survey of the plant to identify areas of most concern, it became clear that abrasion of iron ore at Arrium’s Ore Beneficiation Plant was the main problem.

The results of the trial were extremely positive: Henkel’s technology had to be applied two to three times less often than the products used previously. At the end of the trial, Arrium was provided with an overview of cost savings that could be directly attributed to the benefits of using Loctite products. “We were delighted with the performance and cost-saving benefits of the Loctite compound products,” says Doug Renton, Planning Leader at Arrium. “We look forward to further developing our partnership with Henkel in 2016”.