May 13, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Hair styling tips from Henkel

Mane, bob or pixie? How to find your perfect haircut.

We all face the same dilemma in our search for the right look: How to choose from a short bob, a long mane and everything in between? Finding the perfect haircut mainly depends on the texture and structure of your hair, as well as on the shape of your face. Our tips will help you decide based on your facial structure, and show you how you can conceal minor flaws.

The perfect haircut largely depends on the quality and structure of the hair as well as the shape of the face.

The perfect haircut largely depends on the quality and structure of the hair as well as the shape of the face.

Square face

Square faces benefit from soft contrasts. Bangs that gently contour angular features and layers that create a rounded frame can soften your traits in a flattering way. Anything that accentuates the squareness of your face, such as graphic cuts or perfectly symmetrical bangs, is likely to be unflattering. That’s why our hairstyling tip for square faces is to opt for long, wispy, side-swept bangs.

Heart-shaped face

Make sure that your hair has a lot of volume in the chin area, for example with curls, waves or fringed ends. This will widen the slim lower half of your face. You can also experiment with volume at the crown of your head, but the cut should be quite flat around your ears to play down the width of your face in this area. A chin-length bob with fringed ends is the ideal hairstyle for heart-shaped faces.

Round face

Avoid middle partings and strict geometric cuts. Both would unnecessarily accentuate the roundness of your face. The best hairstyles for a round face are long cuts – shoulder-length at least – with a side parting or long, wispy, side-swept bangs. A good tip is to create volume on the crown of your head, because this makes your face look a bit longer and slimmer. This face shape is perfect for the fashionable swag haircut, which is a strongly layered cut with long bangs.

Oval face

The oval shape is the ideal face shape: You can basically wear any haircut you like. If you have a very narrow face, part your hair in the middle to create the illusion of width. If you wear bangs, make sure they are not too short, because this would draw too much attention to an elongated face shape. The French gringe, which consists of wispy, outgrown bangs worn with long hair, is particularly flattering for oval faces.

Which cuts can help you conceal minor flaws?

There are a few small tricks we can all use to make a round face look slimmer or to soften angular features – the magic word here is contouring. Haircuts and hair color can have a very flattering effect on the shape of your face. Try our tips for concealing minor flaws:

Long bangs work well with a large forehead, making it appear less prominent, while tying your hair back too strictly into something like a ballerina’s bun will be less flattering with this particular feature. Do you think your nose is too long or too big? Then use a side parting to shift the focus away from it. Geometric cuts like a bob with short bangs also work well, because they automatically draw attention to the hair and eyes and away from the problem area of the nose. If you have a receding chin, you should avoid short hair, updos and ponytails, as these will draw attention to your chin – especially from the side. Longer, layered cuts and chin-length bobs are the ideal choice in this case.