Jun 3, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

European Sustainable Development Week

Sustainable nutrition: Regional, seasonal – and delicious

Sustainable nutrition plays a vital role in the context of sustainability. A balanced and healthy diet not only contributes to your individual well-being, but also conserves the climate and our environment. In the video, Dennis Gasper, chef in Henkel’s business gastronomy in Düsseldorf, shows you how regional and seasonal ingredients make a healthy and low CO2 meal – learn how to make a delicious asparagus quiche.

This week, the European Sustainable Development Week is taking place. In this context, nutrition plays an important role. What we eat and where our food comes from has a great impact on our personal CO2 footprint. So why not try a vegetarian meal with seasonal ingredients? You can also download the recipe for the asparagus quiche.


Did you know? Henkel’s CO2 footprint calculator allows you to easily discover your personal footprint!