Jul 1, 2016  Warsaw / Poland

Job placement project for women in Poland

Helping women to build a new career

“On the way to work”: The latest edition of the professional job placement project for women run by Henkel Poland and the Women’s Place Foundation was conducted in June – with great success: 7 of the 20 women participating in its intensive training courses have already found jobs.

“On the way to work”: The professional job placement project for women

“On the way to work”: The professional job placement project for women has been run by Henkel Polska and the Women’s Place Foundation since 2013.

Logo “W drodze do pracy” (“On the way to work”)

“W drodze do pracy” or “On the way to work”: a successful job placement program run by Henkel Poland and the Women’s Place Foundation.

The 10-week program supports women, who have remained unemployed for long periods, to return to the labor market. Many of the participants, who left work to raise children, are unaware of their real potential. The aim: help these women gradually regain self-confidence and break down the internal and external barriers preventing them from re-entering the labor market. The program includes self-presentation exercises, job interview simulations, meetings with a career counsellor, entrepreneurship training, specific career as well as psychological trainings.

“We are proud of the accomplishments so far, and we’re happy to see it help so many women find new careers. And we’re sure that the project benefits not only the participants themselves, but also their families and local communities, improving the quality of all their lives,” said Dorota Strosznajder, Social Responsibility Officer at Henkel Poland.

Achievements of the project

The job placement project for women has been run by Henkel Poland and the Women’s Place Foundation since 2013. Altogether, 63 of the 120 women that participated in the ‘On the way to work’ program have found jobs. Some of the successful participants had been unemployed for one or two years, others for a dozen or more years. Now, they’re all working in various companies – with some working in their chosen professions and others in completely new jobs. A few women also decided to start their own businesses, including a social cooperative, a lingerie and underwear store, a consulting business, and a business in the arts.

“Every time we hear that one of our participants has gone back to work, we’re very proud and happy. It gives us a lot of satisfaction,” said Agnieszka Kramm, a psychologist, psychotherapist and representative of the Management Board of the Women’s Place Foundation, which coordinates the project. “We’re always glad that together with the participants, we succeed in achieving our objectives, namely helping women find employment, and that in this way we’re contributing to equal opportunities for women in the labor market.”

About the Women’s Place Foundation

The Women’s Place Foundation is a non-profit organization which works for the personal and professional development of women and equal opportunities in society. Bringing together a team of experts, psychologists, therapists, sociologists and managers with all the appropriate qualifications and experience in working with the unemployed, the Foundation guarantees the highest-quality training and professional courses.