Jul 8, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel’s high-performance solutions are there to make sure your trip is comfortable and safe

On the road with Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Summer vacation season is here! Now is the time to hit the road or the skies, with the destination being relaxation! No matter if you stay near or go far this summer, Henkel’s fascinating high-performance solutions are there to make sure your trip is comfortable and safe! Did you know that Henkel technologies are in a number of everyday objects, from airplanes to garden furniture and even in your smart phone?

On the way to your destination

Whether you’re travelling by plane, train or automobile, Henkel’s solutions are there with you, making sure your ride is quiet, more sustainable and safe. Remember when it was nearly impossible to hold a conversation inside a moving car? Thanks to Henkel’s innovative sound-deadening materials, rides in modern vehicles are now whisper quiet. Our high performance adhesives and sealants help make advanced lightweight constructions possible, which means vehicles can travel with less fuel consumption. And components using structural foam in cars keep you safe in the event of an accident by absorbing impact energy. But that’s not all: Henkel also specializes in pretreatment systems for car bodies that protect against corrosion and helps paint stay where its put!

Finally there!

Up, down, left, right: No matter where you are in your hotel, holiday home or even within your own four walls, chances are you’re surrounded by Henkel products. From flooring solutions that can resist even the most tropical or frosty environments to bonding for fibreglass insulation that keeps the walls dry and room temperature constant: Henkel offers innovative adhesives, coatings and surface solutions for a variety of applications in the manufacture of building and construction components. And what vacation would be complete without a seat by the pool? Did you know that Henkel is also one of the world’s leading and most innovative providers of adhesives and advanced system solutions for the woodworking and furniture industry?

Time for a snack!

It’s vacation, and we’re looking for convenience and relaxation! Henkel is there with its solutions for food packaging that improve food safety and quality by keeping food fresh and providing a safe barrier between layers. What looks like a simple package, like a chips bag, is actually quite complex: The film composition, the printing ink as well as the adhesive must work hand-in-hand to create such packaging. And when you’re enjoying a cool bottled beverage by the seaside, you’ve got Henkel in your hand! Drinking out of a can? Henkel also has a variety of solutions for aluminum!

Time for a run

Vacation time also means time for exercise, and Henkel solutions keep you on your toes in your sports shoes. Stylish and complex, more 100 kinds of materials can be used together in footwear manufacturing – and Henkel has an adhesive for every combination and application! Building on more than 30 years of experience in providing solutions to the shoe manufacturing industry, Henkel has more than 300 different products to meet industry needs! But Henkel’s just not in your shoes; we have also developed a tailor-made solution for making seamless underwear that replaces traditional sewing with adhesives!

Keeping up and keeping in touch

On vacation, you want the heat coming from the sun, not from your smart phone or eReader! Henkel’s thermal management materials help transfer heat away from the electronics inside the device, and our circuit board assembly materials keep them running smoothly and reliably. And if you’re taking a vacation selfie or two (admit it, you know you are!), Henkel adhesives ensure lenses in your smart phone are able to do their job by providing alignment and bonding of the lenses and microelectronic components. You’ve even got Henkel in your display: our optically clear adhesives eliminate glare caused by air gaps between touch panel layers. In fact, there are currently up to 50 Henkel applications in one smart phone, and that number is on the rise!