Jul 19, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Reliable sealing with Loctite Impregnation Solutions (LIS)

Customized protection for modern cars

Lightweight, modern electronics and electrification are essential trends in car manufacturing. With Loctite Impregnation Solutions (LIS), Henkel does not only provide the necessary protection, but supports customers with a tailor-made service.

Henkel’s Loctite Impregnation Solutions

Loctite Impregnation Solutions protect against leaks in castings and electronical components effectively

Henkel’s Loctite Impregnation Solutions

Customized service for the automotive industry

One of the main trends in the automobile industry are lightweight cars. That is why manufacturers use more and more aluminum casts when producing automobile parts like engine blocks or gearboxes. These car castings can tend to porosity defects, which are small holes or cracks that can be permeated by fluids or gases. The devastating consequences: Corrosion, pressure loss, fluid loss or costly failures in the field. Not only casts can get attacked, but also electronic components can suffer from tiny spaces in metal and plastic composite parts, which can cause bypasses, corrosion or power loss.

That’s why prevention is better than cure: Such castings and electrical components need to be sealed to ensure they do not leak and that they provide appropriate resistance to chemicals, aggressive fluids and high operating temperatures in the field. Through LIS, Henkel offers the automotive industry a one-of-a-kind, fully automated vacuum-impregnation system. Its high-tech resins deliver consistent quality and unmatched sealing performance.

In addition to the technology, Henkel distinguishes itself by offering a customized impregnation service, in which it brings its LIS capabilities directly to customers’ facilities. The company runs several service center in Europe, North America and Asia. This highly flexible Henkel service reduces transportation costs and relieves the customer of having to invest in equipment and personnel to manage that process.

For more information visit: http://www.loctiteimpregnation.com/en/vacuum-impregnation/impregnation-of-metal-parts.html