Jul 20, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

‘Make an Impact on Tomorrow’ initiative: Social employee engagement at Henkel

Inspiring moments telling stories from life

Whether it is playing children in Burundi or the encouragement in a village community – taking place for the eleventh time, the yearly photo competition of the corporate volunteering initiative ‘Make an Impact on Tomorrow’ (MIT) at Henkel showcased stunning pictures. Henkel employees and retirees from 18 countries have submitted 173 photos from their volunteer projects and shared their impressive moments.

Henkel supports the volunteer projects of its employees and retirees through the ‘Make an Impact on Tomorrow’ (MIT) initiative. MIT projects related to education and science, health and fitness, art and culture, and social issues and the environment are especially encouraged. Employees and retirees can apply for donations in kind or product donations for their specific project, or for special paid leave for time-consuming voluntary engagements.

“The photos prove how much passion stands behind every voluntary project. We are proud that so many employees engage in a good cause and thus make a difference around the globe. The MIT photo competition allows us to share these special moments with all colleagues,” says Anette Brinker-Hüsgen from the Corporate Citizenship team.

In the photo competition, employees could vote for their favorites among the submitted photos. The winning photos from the category “The atmosphere of your MIT project” show various projects from around the world and capture unique moments. The winning photos from the category “You in action during your MIT project” depict dedicated volunteers who actively commit to their projects with heart and soul. The two first place winners will each receive a 1,000 euro donation from the foundation Fritz Henkel Stiftung for their projects; the five runners up in both categories 500 euro each.

Discover the unique moments of the global initiatives in our photo galleries!

Winners in the category “The atmosphere of your MIT project”

Happy faces

Happy faces: joyful kids at the Sonrise Children’s Home in Uganda.


Uganda: Two friends share their meal.


Burundi: Orphans are playing.

Nepal: Yurika, 2011

Nepal: Yurika, 2011 – new rooms for street children after the earthquake.

In Laos, the Sourires d’enfants association is committed to improving the conditions of those living in great poverty.

Laos: Water for the children.

Germany: Fit for fun – Autistic teenager take part in social activities.

Germany: Fit for fun – Autistic teenager take part in social activities.


Winners in the category “You in action during your MIT project”


Uganda: One hand for help and comfort.

Uganda: Playing with children.

Uganda: Playing with children.


Croatia: Teenager from Düsseldorf supports the local community.

Cameroon: Dental hygiene

Cameroon: Dental hygiene – training in the school.

USA: Dog on my shoulder

USA: This dog on my shoulder has been saved.

Uganda: Embraces

Uganda: Embraces.