Jul 21, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel relies on sound knowledge about online shoppers

Online shopping: Knowing where consumers are headed

Only companies that know their target markets can successfully adapt their services to market needs. This is especially true in the consumer goods sector. That’s why it’s important for Henkel’s Laundry & Home Care business unit to know the direction that consumers are taking. Shopper marketing plays a key role in this regard.

Emilie Brault (left) and Karen Crova from Henkel

Emilie Brault (left) and Karen Crova from Henkel know how to ideally position laundry and home care products online.

The Laundry & Home Care International Sales Unit studies the attitudes and behavior of shoppers very closely. In 2015, the experts stepped even deeper into the world of consumers by initiating the Multi-Channel Shopper Journey. “We spoke with over 18,000 shoppers in 13 countries to better understand the shopping journey. Among other things, we know which shoppers have the most sustainable purchasing behavior, how they use new tools to shop and their readiness for e-commerce,” explains Karen Crova, Manager Shopper Marketing & Category Management. The retail partners think very highly of this shopper know-how and its utilization for efficient category management – that’s why they regularly give Laundry & Home Care top scores for customer satisfaction.satisfaction.

The business area of the future is online

Online shoppers

Henkel relies on sound knowledge about online shoppers.

Online shopping is trending upwards in the consumer goods sector, too. This is why Henkel is further extending its research and collaboration with retail partners in the online world. The most recent project in Laundry & Home Care is called “Winning the trip”, and it brings the International Sales Unit closer to consumers than ever before. The online purchasing behavior of selected test persons is monitored in real time for a specific period of time. Using a smartphone app, they keep a shopping diary and share their thoughts about every planned purchase – including the daily paper or their mood – in texts, pictures and videos. Henkel sees a lot of potential in online retail, and thanks to this knowledge, the company can advise its retail partners even more effectively on the optimal way of presenting both their stationary and online selections.