Jul 29, 2016  Scottsdale / US

Amazon Dash Button for Henkel’s top brands in the US

Ordering your favorite products with a touch of a button

The Amazon Dash Button, one of Amazon’s newest gadgets, makes consumer products accessible by the push of a button. To create a more convenient shopper experience, Henkel partnered with the online retail platform and is now offering the Amazon Dash Button for its three US top brands: Dial, Persil ProClean and Schwarzkopf.

 Amazon Dash Button

Henkel offers the Amazon Dash Button for its three US top brands Dial, Persil ProClean and Schwarzkopf.

Since end of June, Amazon Dash Buttons for Dial, Dial Liquid Handsoap, Persil ProClean, and Schwarzkopf have been available to Amazon Prime users in the US. “We are extremely excited about partnering with Amazon to offer the Dash Button on some of our top brands within Henkel Consumer Goods US. With this offer, we are supporting our consumers in their digital journey for a seamless online shopping experience,” said Jens-Martin Schwaerzler, President Henkel Consumer Goods North America.

After only one month, already the Dial and Schwarzkopf Dash Buttons are among the best-selling Dash Buttons within their categories.*

And how does it work?

The electronic device is the size of a USB stick – and filled with technology. Once pushed, the Dash Button connects with the user’s router via an embedded Wi-Fi chip and sends a quick note to the Amazon Shopping App, waits for confirmation and powers down again. The device is backed with a reusable adhesive strip and includes a removable hook, allowing customers to stick their Dash Button on their washing machine or their bathroom mirror or hang it near their favorite product. Time consuming web browsing or lengthy trips to the store are no longer necessary – users can order consumer goods by the push of a button and have them delivered to their doorstep.

* as of 28 July 2016

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