Aug 10, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

The fascination of adhesives

New image film released by German adhesives industry association

Adhesives are indispensable to industry, households, and craftsmen. To show the benefits that they offer and why many technologies of the future, as well as the manufacture of everyday articles, can only be realized with adhesives, the German adhesives association IVK – whose biggest member company is Henkel – has brought out a new image film showcasing the fascinating world of adhesives.

Produced to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the IVK, the film manages in just four minutes to provide insight into the impressive versatility of adhesives technology, revealing facets that might surprise even experts. Viewers are not only offered a range of useful information relating to the chemistry of adhesives and how they work, but also a taste of the wide ranging areas in which they can be successfully utilized. From the automobile through electrical engineering and the textile and apparel industries – virtually every sector today relies on adhesives technology and products from Henkel, the world’s leading solutions provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings.

Those wishing to know more about how various industries are improving their products and developing innovations thanks to the advent of advanced adhesives can view the new film on the IVK website. The film can also be downloaded from the same source address.