Aug 25, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Study on largest consumer-goods manufacturers worldwide

Henkel is the only German company in FMCG-Top 50

This year again, Henkel is among the 50 world’s biggest fast moving consumer goods manufacturers (FMCG) by sales. Ranking 41st, Henkel is the only German company included in the “Trends and strategies on the consumer goods market” study by OC&C consulting firm.

Henkel logo on a rooftop in Duesseldorf.

Henkel is the only German company in the Top 50 of the world’s largest consumer-goods manufacturers.

And Henkel continues to strengthen its consumer goods business: In June, Henkel has signed an agreement to acquire all shares in the laundry and home care company The Sun Products Corporation. This transaction is a major strategic move for Henkel: With the acquisition the company will advance to a No. 2 position in the laundry care market in North America. Sun Products has a portfolio of leading laundry care brands, such as all® and Sun® as well as the fabric conditioner Snuggle®. The transaction is valued at around 3.2 billion euros (3.6 billion US dollars) including debt. Thus, it is the second-biggest acquisition in the company’s 140 years old history.