Sep 29, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

New coatings for aluminum wheels

Lighter rotational mass – and with no rusting

The trend toward lightweight construction in the automobile industry is leading to ever-increasing usage of light alloys. Aluminum in particular offers OEMs and their suppliers not only weight savings but also new dimensions in functionality and design. Customized pretreatment and coating solutions from Henkel Adhesive Technologies provide for both improved corrosion protection and enhanced process efficiency.

Henkel’s new generation of coatings for aluminum applications

Henkel’s new generation of coatings for aluminum applications provides improved corrosion protection and enhanced efficiency.

As automotive technology continues to develop, aluminum wheels are becoming simply part of the standard package, even in the case of the smaller classes of car. However, when it comes to ensuring the optimum corrosion protection of this material, choosing the right pretreatment is crucial.

Under the Bonderite brand, Henkel Adhesive Technologies is offering a new generation of coatings for aluminum applications. The improved formulation available with Bonderite M-NT 4595 not only reduces overall process cost, it also enables the development of new wheels with improved properties and lower weight. It is already being widely used by leading manufacturers around the world.

This ceramic coating tailored to alloy wheels offers superb adhesion to the metal, while its improved processability and reduced application temperature mean that manufacturers also benefit from greater simplicity of use compared to standard solutions. Added to this, the coating is free from chrome and heavy metals and produces less in the way of waste products.