Oct 3, 2016  Scottsdale, AZ

A lesson in sustainability

Henkel employees in Scottsdale go back to school

A team of 22 Sustainability Ambassadors from Scottsdale visited Frank Elementary School in Guadalupe, Arizona to educate 500 children on sustainability. The visit was part of Henkel’s Sustainability Ambassador Program.

On Sept. 23, a group of Scottsdale employees visited Frank Elementary School where they taught 22 classes - kindergarten through fifth grade - and spread a sustainability lesson to over 500 students in a single day. In addition to sharing Henkel’s global sustainability message, the employees developed a curriculum that featured coloring activities and videos for the lower grades and an interactive session on recycling for the fifth graders. “We did an exercise where we explained that there are seven different types of plastic, how you can identify them, and which ones can be recycled. They were then given examples of items, such as an empty pizza box, plastic water bottle, etc., and they had to guess if it was recyclable or not,” explained Mike Koser, Channel Development Director, and one of the volunteers teaching a fifth grade class.

“I think the school visit was a great opportunity to spread Henkel’s sustainability message,” explained Robert Anson, Henkel’s Director of Business Development, Walmart International, who organized the visit. “When we presented the idea to employees, we recruited 22 volunteers, and they all did a great job in making this happen.”

Henkel is committed to leadership in sustainability, and employees play a key role in inspiring others to make their own contributions to sustainability. As part of the company’s global outreach effort to teach students how to use resources responsibly, more than 8,700 Henkel employees have taught sustainability lessons to over 74,000 students in 43 countries.