Oct 25, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Theme week: Sustainable packaging

Powerfully packaged!

Big, small, square, round, colorful, transparent, and made from paper, plastic or glass – we come into contact with packaging on a daily basis in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But often, we don’t take notice of them or even find them unnecessary. In short: they are often seen as waste. But packaging actually has real superpowers!

Get to know our sustainability heroes!

They’re smart, sustainable, and extremely efficient: the Henkel Sustainability Heroes! Using their superpowers, they lower the ecological footprint, protect the environment and support customers on the way to a sustainable future. Developed by Henkel experts, they unite and pool their powers to: help reduce the volume of waste, promote a circular economy and protect what we love about Henkel products!

Adhesive Technologies Hero: Loctite

The Adhesive Technologies Hero was taught that with great power comes great responsibility. He uses his superpowers to transmit information about recycling – helping people around the world to understand the importance of sustainable approach to packaging.

Sustainability Superpowers: The Adhesive Technologies Hero can stick to any surface, has supernatural strength and glues faster than any regular adhesive. His incredible ability to transmit information is his superpower: The Adhesive Technologies Hero knows everything there is to know about recycling.

Laundry & Home Care Hero: Perwoll

The Laundry & Home Care Hero draws on the amazing powers of his recycled body to protect the quality of his liquid detergent – and preserve its leading performance. His sustainable powers are so strong that nothing can affect the color, scent or efficiency of the product he holds.

Sustainability Powers: Whether it’s roughened fibers or discoloration – the Laundry & Home Care Hero has the ability to provide the best active care for all types of clothing. His sustainability superpower lies in the recycled HDPE (high-density polyethylene) that makes up 15 percent of his packaging body.

Beauty Care Hero: Taft

The Beauty Care Hero is usually known for the super strong hold she provides for any hair type. But not many people know that she also went through an innovative process that transformed her from a simple hairspray bottle into a pioneer for fighting Henkel’s CO2 footprint.

Sustainability Powers: She makes you look great with only a few dashes of hairspray. But did you know she also has the incredible power to fight off carbon emissions, because her body consists of double-reduced tinplate.

Packaging is a true all-rounder

You see – packaging has real superpowers. Without packaging, most products could not be transported and would have expired, broken or become lost long ago – and that’s before ever even arriving in a store. They don’t just look good and help us make up our minds when choosing a product. No, they ensure hygiene and product quality, protect against external influences and provide consumers with important information. They are an important component of many of the products we use in our daily lives.

Prevent, reduce, reuse

That is precisely why packaging developers at Henkel continually work to create innovative, intelligent and resource-sparing packaging solutions, pursuing the goal of reducing the volume of waste. The focus lies on the three principles: prevent, reduce, and reuse. Plainly stated, that means producing less packaging and waste, developing better packaging and enabling a circular economy. This week we’ll show you how packaging developers master these challenges and which superpowers packaging has! Have fun!