Nov 11, 2016  Rocky Hill, Conn.

Honoring veterans for their sacrifices as they protect the nation

Henkel salutes military personnel

In observation of Veterans Day, Henkel Corporation joins the rest of the nation in honoring military personnel who have served and those who are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

“We are thankful for the sacrifices made by our veterans - including being away from their families - and salute them for the bravery exhibited as they faced dangers to protect our country,” said Angela Curley, Head of Diversity at Henkel. “We also want to recognize our employees who have served and those currently on active duty; we are truly appreciative of their efforts for the freedoms we enjoy.”

Henkel participates in activities that highlight the importance of veterans in our society - bringing attention to the efforts that support re-entry into the civilian workforce after completing their service. Veterans bring special skillsets to the workforce, and their exposure to different situations and specialized training further strengthens their contributions.

“It is our hope that we can continue to support and further build on these efforts even more so in the future,” added Curley.