Dec 22, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Again leading in sustainability

Henkel with top position in sustainability rating

Oekom Research published its sector report on "Household & Personal Products” today. Having received a B rating result, Henkel is the best out of 34 assessed companies in a very strong industry and again holds the “Prime Status”.

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Recognition of Henkel’s sustainability performance by international ratings and indices

More than 100 general as well as industry-specific social and ecological criteria are analyzed by Oekom Research in order to evaluate companies with regard to their sustainability performance. Companies in the household industry which receive a C+ rating result or better earn the “Prime Status”. The rating agency uses this distinction to recognize companies which are leading in their sectors and meet industry-specific minimum standards within the Oekom Corporate Rating. Both in general as well as in its sector Henkel achieved a very good B rating result.

Furthermore, Henkel’s sustainability performance was recognized by the repeated inclusion in the Global Challenges Index by the “Börse Hannover”, the STOXX Global ESG Leaders Indices as well as the MSCI Global Sustainability Indices World and Europe.

The ambition to further expand its leading position in sustainability is anchored in Henkel’s corporate values. The company wants to create more value: for its customers and consumers, for the communities it operates in, and for the company – while at the same time reducing the environmental footprint. Henkel was able to meet and exceed its first interim targets set for the first five years until 2015. As the company moves toward its long-term goal of “Factor 3”, Henkel is continuing its efforts to further improve its performance in these areas in the coming years. Therefore, the company has defined new mid-term targets. By 2020, Henkel intends to improve the relationship between the value it creates and its environmental footprint by 75 percent overall.

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