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Valentine’s Day with Pritt

Let’s stick together!

Did you know that exchanging hand-made cards to express one’s feelings started around the 18th century?

Giving cards for Valentine’s Day started with handwritten notes between friends and lovers. Throughout the time, and with the improvements of technology, these notes evolved into mass-produced printed cards. But stepping into buying cards instead of elaborating them has its downsides: It might be seen as a commercialized gesture instead of a heartfelt one.
What about elaborating a unique Valentine’s Day card?
Be sure to follow the pop-up card instructions very carefully.

You will need:


Show to your beloved ones how much you care for them with this easy DIY card. For more specific instructions, click here.

Hand-made card for Valentine’s Day

Step 1: Color in all the flowers on the printed-out pages. Make the flowers as pretty as you can. Use paint, crayons, pencils or any combination you like.

Step 2: Cut out all the flowers from the printed-out crafting templates.

Hand-made card for Valentine’s Day

Step 3: Once we have the template, we must fold along all the solid lines of the flowers.

Hand-made card for Valentine’s Day

Step 4: Next, we cut along all the dotted lines on the flowers.

Hand-made card for Valentine’s Day

Step 5: Follow the pop-up card instructions on the print-out, and glue your pop-up flowers into the card. This will not be on the market, that’s for sure.

Hand-made card for Valentine’s Day

Step 6: Once you have glued all the flowers into place, you are ready to write a letter. Decorate it with some photos and glitter.

This is a great way to show someone how much they mean to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day