Feb 20, 2017  Düsseldorf / Germany

Exciting jobs at Henkel

What’s that job?

Electronic Data Interchange Consultant, International Foresight and Innovation Manager, Principal Architect for Business Intelligence – many job descriptions often raise more questions than they answer. In our series, “What’s that job?,” we let you in on a few secrets and introduce you to some unusual professions at Henkel.

Dr. Salima Douven (right) – here together with her colleague Michele Viksnes

Together with her team, Dr. Salima Douven (right) – here together with her colleague Michele Viksnes – implements new digital concepts and strategies in Henkel’s business unit Adhesive Technologies.

What does the Head of Digital Strategy Adhesive Technologies at Henkel actually do?

Dr. Salima Douven, Head of Digital Strategy Adhesive Technologies

Dr. Salima Douven, Head of Digital Strategy Adhesive Technologies

The first thing Dr. Salima Douven does when she wakes up in the morning, is reaching for her smartphone to check her Facebook newsfeed. There she catches up with news, finds up-to-date articles from the specialized press and information about the digital industry. “Thinking digital” is a matter of course for the 38-year-old business economist – and she applies it on a daily basis, from the creation of concepts, to ideas and strategies for Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business. “I’m basically involved in everything that can be designed digitally,” she explains. New online platforms in the B2B area, social media activities for the Pritt brand and the creation and implementation of marketing databases are just a few of the projects that Douven has led. Her goal is to play an active role in shaping the digitalization process.

When she took on this position in 2010, the department was still called “New Media”. “Digital was a burgeoning trend at the time,” the doctor of business economics recalls. “I saw that there was still a lot of potential, and found the prospect exciting.” By now, there’s a global team skillfully passing each other the ball on Henkel’s “digital field”: Experts in e-commerce, creative minds for online marketing campaigns and database developers.

Douven watches trends evolve and remains in constant contact with the digital managers of the company’s other business units and the colleagues at Henkel’s international offices. What does a typical workday entail for her, you ask? It varies from day to day. “I may discuss a creative concept for a digital marketing campaign in the morning and research the current state of e-commerce activities for our industrial clients at lunchtime. Then I’ll address the topic of Web systems and have a Skype meeting with the digital representatives from the other areas of the company in the evening,” says Douven. The digital world is constantly changing. “The crucial question that drives me in everything I do is: How can we leverage digital technologies to offer the best solutions and services to our customers?” she explains. “The exciting part of my job is developing and implementing the right ideas and strategies for exactly this purpose.”