Mar 17, 2017  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel’s internal social network Yammer

A digital platform connecting employees

At Henkel, digitalization does not just stand for e-commerce or industry 4.0. It has also changed the way of communication within the company. An example: Henkel’s internal social network Yammer. Currently, more than 25,000 Henkel employees worldwide use this communication platform for virtual exchange.

Mehr als 25.000 Henkel-Mitarbeiter im internen sozialen Netzwerk Yammer angemeldet

Digital exchange: Currently, more than 25,000 Henkel employees are active on the company’s internal social network Yammer.

A Henkel employee from Düsseldorf is typing on the keyboard of his work computer: an update into the open online group “Digital Insights”. He wants to share his ideas regarding a project in planning with members of this community. Quickly, a number of reactions show up below his initial post: A question from an employee from Brussels, a reply by a colleague from Cairo, another similar experience from a Shanghainese colleague. Members from São Paulo, Connecticut and Dubai suggest implementation ideas and post best practice examples. A brainstorming session with input from all over the world is formed – and thus a diverse think tank. Not only the employee from Düsseldorf, but Henkel employees from all locations can access and benefit from these accumulated impulses. And the tank continues to grow – in every aspect.

Open exchange without borders

The community “Digital Insights” is only one out of more than 1,000 open and closed groups within the internal social network Yammer, which Henkel launched about one and a half years ago. The digital collaboration platform, similar to social network Facebook, fosters the exchange between employees – globally, cross-disciplinary, across hierarchical and functional borders. Yammer users can share pictures and texts in respective groups, create polls and comment on posts regarding all imaginable work-related topics. By this, employees have the possibility to virtually participate in activities and developments anywhere at Henkel, bringing everyone closer together. And the feedback is positive: More than 25,000 Henkel employees are already active on the platform – with more and more joining every day.

Efficient, dynamic and inspiring

Especially the strong international footprint of Henkel – with more than 80 percent of its employees working outside of Germany – calls for interconnected and flexible communication structures. “Yammer empowers our employees to collaborate in virtual teams, share knowledge, access information and exchange ideas with one another,” explains Bettina Fischer, responsible for Digital Communications at Henkel. On Yammer, colleagues with similar focus topics from all over the world can easily connect – for example, innovation managers from Henkel’s three business units. “This dynamic and collaborative exchange inspires and motivates our colleagues, hence strengthening the feeling of togetherness and identification with Henkel,” says Fischer.

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