Mar 22, 2017

On World Water Day

Water: The elixir of life

From taking a shower and washing your laundry to the manufacturing of smart phones – or even just to drink – water is needed everywhere. And it will be even more valuable in the future: Experts forecast that the world’s population will increase to nine billion by the year 2050.

The earth’s water resources are unequally distributed and threatened by increasing pollution and overexploitation. Around four billion people are already faced with a water shortage for at least one month of the year. More efficient use of water is centrally important to ensure that water remains a human right – and does not become a luxury.

Henkel focuses on reducing water consumption during production and use of our products and on avoiding wastewater. The company strives to create water-efficient products and technologies to enable also its consumers and customers to protect water resources worldwide. Henkel’s consumer products such as detergents, household cleaners or shampoos that pass into sewage systems after use are optimized for biodegradability so they will not impact the quality of surface waters. Wastewater from industrial applications is pretreated using state-of-the-art technology to remove harmful substances and professionally disposed of.

Each business unit contributes to Henkel’s global goal of using 30 percent less water per ton of product by 2020. Find some examples here: