Mar 24, 2017  Düsseldorf / Germany

Tips from Henkel

Add personality to your interiors

Whether it is about removing difficult stains, finding the right fragrance or getting the perfect hairstyle – our series “Tips from Henkel” bring you some life hacks to make your life easier. Today: Give your home a new look with wallpaper, the ideal solution for boosting your spaces.

Add personality to your interiors

Add personality to your interiors.

Volker Runge, Metylan Brand Manager

Henkel expert Volker Runge, Metylan’s Brand Manager brings you several options to reinvent your furniture and walls with wallpaper.

Despite the word ‘wallpaper’ suggests its application, do not limit it only to your walls. The possibilities are endless: From unexpected staircases and wall panels to exciting wardrobes and bookcases. With little as wallpaper you can liven up your rooms and create an entire different look and feel. Choosing the wallpaper is not the most important part but selecting the right adhesive. To make sure your wallpapering project is successful, Volker Runge Henkel’s Metylan Product Manager brings you several options to get perfect results.

1. Removing old wallpaper

Before hanging a new wallpaper, remove any traces of the old one. It is a time-consuming but necessary task. Metylan wallpaper remover is the right remover and will make the process easier.

2. Filling holes and leveling walls

To make sure the new wallpaper sticks properly, the surface must be clean, dry, smooth and uniform.
Carefully inspect walls for cracks, holes, dents or other surface imperfections. Try Metylan filler to fill and fix uneven areas.

3. Priming

Priming the surface is an important step, use Metylan water-based primer to even surfaces and to improve absorptivity.

4. Applying wallpaper

Wallpapering is not possible without any paste or adhesive, and choosing the right one depends on the type of paper. Metylan wallpaper paste is the best option for non-woven wallpaper.

5. Dealing with odd areas

Covering difficult gaps such as power sockets or light switches should not be a nightmare. Use Metylan acrylic sealant for inside corners or uneven joints.


Get inspired with these ideas and recreate stunning and comfortable environments. Check out Metylan’s website for more tips and ideas.

A timelessly trendy kitchen

The classic - Get the look…
Either you are aspiring to have an idyllic bedroom or a timelessly trendy kitchen, wallpaper can help you set these environments. Hanging wallpaper is quite easy.

Try wallpaper on dressers and bookcases

Not up to covering an entire surface? Try wallpaper on dressers and bookcases.
No big changes or time are needed to remodel a room so long as you upgrade a set of drawers, your living room will look entirely refreshed.

Patchwork hallway

One piece at a time. Create a patchwork hallway.
Entrance, hallway or sitting room, feel inspired to create a vibrant wall.