Apr 10, 2017  Cape Town / South Africa

Schwarzkopf’s Shaping-Futures initiative trains passionate hairdressers

From Engineering to Hairdressing: Christopher Sibiya

Everybody thinks about it almost daily: What if I had chosen another path in life? Yet, most of us continue walking the road we know. But not Christipher Sibiya. Read on to find out how the Schwarzkopf Shaping Futures initiative by Henkel Beauty Care changed his life completely and helped him pursue his passion.

Christopher Sibiya

Christopher Sibiya sits in his own hairdressing salon. Just a few years ago, this was still a dream.

Christopher Sibiya was born and raised in South Africa. His career began as far away from his passion for hair as one can imagine: in Electrical Engineering. Christopher knew that one core element was missing in his earlier job: Passion. Each day after ending his shifts he went on to do house calls. It didn’t matter how late he had to stay awake or how early he had to get up, styling people’s hair brought him the joy he did not feel in his other job. It was to reach that feeling of fulfilment that he made the decision to change his life completely and become a professional hairdresser.

Easier said than done

In pursuing his dream Christopher encountered several obstacles, of which the funding of his dream threatened to bring it to an end before it even started. But Christopher’s keen determination was what eventually brought him to the Schwarzkopf Shaping Futures initiative, a program established and funded by Henkel Beauty Care. Without hesitation, Christopher sent out his application and checked his mailbox by the minute until he got one step closer to becoming a hairdresser: “I was busy with my client's hair when my phone rang. I was shortlisted for a hairdressing course by Shaping Futures,” explained Christopher, who then started to prepare for the most important interview in his career. “In preparation, I visited the Shaping Futures Facebook page about five times that night because I was so excited. Then finally one day later, I was selected to participate in the course.”

Commitment pays off

Shortly after being accepted into the program, Christopher was able to start the course to qualify as a professional hairdresser. His strong commitment also became visible to his teachers, who could think of no other than Christopher to win the “Most disciplined student”-Award. Looking back, Christopher has no regrets. “My future was shaped indeed and I will be forever grateful. I am happy that I am finally pursuing my passion.”