Jun 1, 2017  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel participates in the “German Action Days”

Experience Sustainability

On the sustainability island

On the sustainability island, Henkel employees can inform themselves about the company’s Sustainability Ambassador program and get in touch with already experienced colleagues.

Acting responsibly and sustainably in everyday life – not that easy? It’s the European Sustainability Week – and during the “German Action Days” (Deutschen Aktionstage Nachhaltigkeit) taking place from May 30 to June 2, Henkel shows how to get involved with small contributions. This year the focus lies on the company’s Sustainability Ambassador Program. So far, over 25,000 Henkel employees – half of the entire staff worldwide – have already qualified as sustainability ambassadors.

A sustainability island for the employees

Henkel is participating in the sustainability week for the third time. This year’s focus: the company's Sustainability Ambassador program. Launched in 2012, it aims to encourage employees to be committed to sustainability even more intensively. They should comprehend the importance of enhancing and sharing their knowledge around the topics of environment and climate protection. Already half of all Henkel employees worldwide – over 25,000 across 79 countries – have qualified as sustainability ambassadors. And more are to come.

In line with the European Sustainability Week, Henkel shows the diversity of the subject and offers numerous activities for its employees: from an outdoor Yoga session, a special offer from a food truck to a "sustainability island". On this special "island", employees can get in touch with colleagues who are already experienced sustainability ambassadors. In addition to general information, they have the opportunity to get detailed information on one of the four pillars of the ambassador program each day:

  • 1. School project

  • 2. Sustainability at work

  • 3. Collaborating with customers

  • 4. Corporate volunteering

Trained Henkel sustainability ambassadors visit elementary schools to teach children what sustainability means and how every individual can make a personal contribution to it. Thus, these students learn, for example, how to save water and energy in the bathroom and when doing laundry.

Print less, take the stairs instead of the elevator and turn off the lights when the last one leaves a room: In the daily routine, small changes such as these enable employees to contribute to sustainability and inspire others to take on responsibility as well.

In dealing with customers, Henkel aims to drive partnerships for new solutions towards a more sustainable future. Henkel employees apply their knowledge around sustainability in joint projects with retail customers – for example in logistics, or in promoting sustainable purchasing decisions.

The engagement opportunities for Corporate Volunteering allow from short one-time activities with other Henkel colleagues, to long-term regular commitments in collaboration with trusted NGOs.

Motivate ambassadors to contribute

Sina Mohr, sustainability ambassador

Sina Mohr, sustainability ambassador and controller from Henkel's energy department, pursues sustainability not only at work, but also at home.

Henkel aims to encourage ambassadors to contribute with their skills and knowledge and commit to sustainability more actively – that is what the internal initiative “I ambassador” stands for. One of the sustainability ambassadors from Henkel is Sina Mohr from the energy department. She is not only devoted to the topic sustainability at work, but also took part in the sustainability ambassador training – and integrated many essentials in her private life. “Every day I cycle to work, I changed my light bulbs to LED lamps at home and wash my clothes solely at 20 degrees Celsius”, says the 26-year old controller. Since the topic deeply inspires her, she wants to share her knowledge. “In the future, I would love to teach primary school pupils for one class and bring them closer to acting in a sustainable way.”

Becoming active yourself

Henkel’s sustainability ambassador program is an important pillar of the company’s commitment. Furthermore, Henkel is committed to raise awareness among consumers how each and every one can contribute to a sustainable development. Especially since consumers can positively affect the ecological footprint of the products, be it at rinsing, showering or washing.

Find out how your individual lifestyle influences your ecological footprint and how you can easily save water at home – with the help of our handy calculators: