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Perwoll provides best active care solutions for colors and fibers for all your clothes.

Perwoll makes you feel and look good in all your clothes, because it provides the best active care for color and fibers.
Perwoll offers specialized detergent solutions for all your main washing piles:

  • Mixed Colors
  • Blacks & darks
  • Whites
  • Wool & Delicate Fabrics
  • Sport & Functional Fabrics

Information & Services

Perwoll ReNew+ Effect

Perwoll ReNew+ Effect

Perwoll is the inventor of the ReNew+ Effect innovation offered for colored, black and white fabrics. With it's innovative formula Perwoll smoothens roughened fibers so that they can reflect the light - so the colors - optimally. For an outstanding color experience like new.

Also known as...

In other countries the brand Perwoll is known under the brand names

Perlana, Perlan, Mir, Persil and Laska.

Laundry & Home Care
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Europe, Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Russia, Romania, Poland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Austria, Asia-Pacific, Japan
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Laundry Additives