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Corporate Culture

"Henkel - Excellence is our Passion" is a commitment that unites all of us who work at Henkel.

Our claim expresses our ambition: striving for the very best in everything that we do. This applies not only to the products and technologies that we develop for our customers but also to our internal processes. The goal to take leading positions in a highly competitive environment is shared by everyone at Henkel, irrespective of the business unit, function or country in which they work. And our employees will always put their passion, pride and enthusiasm into making this happen. Conveying this attitude to our internal and external audiences is the task of our claim.

Our corporate culture and our vision and values unite our diverse workforce and provide standards for how we conduct our business. Globally binding behavioral rules are specified in a series of codes. They provide guidance for the behavior and actions of our employees in all business areas and cultures in which we operate.

Vision & Values

Our vision and our values guide the choices and decisions our employees make every day. A shared vision and actively promoted values generate a feeling of unity and offer us guidance in the performance of our everyday work. Around the world, our vision and values serve as a bond, enabling us to utilize the full potential of our internationality and diversity.

Codes & Standards