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Corporate Citizenship

Social engagement is part of our sense of responsibility and firmly embedded in our corporate values.

Social engagement – or corporate citizenship – has always been an integral part of our sense of responsibility as a company. This is a tradition that dates back to our founder, Fritz Henkel, and is firmly embedded in our corporate values. Together with our employees, retirees, customers and consumers, Henkel and the Fritz Henkel Stiftung are able to support sustainable social projects around the world. They both support activities in the areas of social needs, education and science, fitness and health, arts and culture, and the environment. 

We have structured our activities around four core elements:

Corporate Volunteering: Voluntary social engagement of our employees and retirees

Social Partnerships: Henkel as a company promoting social projects around the world

Brand Engagement: Henkel brands supporting social projects worldwide

Emergency Aid: Immediate aid to people placed in urgent need by natural catastrophe



With the goal to give young people with less means the opportunity to get the best possible education the Dr. Jost Henkel Stiftung continues to support gifted and motivated young talent since 1958.

Winner images of our photo competition  2014

Adults spending time with kids in Nepal

Nepal: Spending time with children and supporting them.

Indian pupils with new bikes

India: Providing pupils with bikes for their way to school

Volunteer serving lunch

USA: Every day volunteers serve lunch in St. Leo Soup Kitchen

Adults playing with disabled children in India

India: Giving children with physical disabilities a fulfilled life

A water filtration system and new ovens to increase security and sustainability

Guatemala: A water filtration system and new ovens to increase security and sustainability

Volunteer teacher with kids in Tibet

Tibet: Volunteering as a teacher for a week.

Group picture of social project in the USA

USA: Integrating socially-deprived families into society

Volunteer spending time with an adult with early childhood autism

Germany: Improving the life situation of adults with early childhood autism

Parent playing with preschool kids in Germany

Germany: Being actively involved in a preschool parent's council

Two kids at a children’s hospice in Germany

Germany: Jenny and her little brother Lennart at the children's hospice Regenbogenland

Homeless in the US

USA: Giving homeless shelter

Fan with soccer trainer star

Germany: Letting dreams come true

Indian girls with bikes to attend lessons far away at school

India: These bikes enable girls living far away to attend their lessons at school

Two girls in Laos

Laos: The project enables children to go to preschool

Girl in Kenya at a school

Kenya: Building and maintaining schools for children to graduate

Happy girl in Namibia

Namibia: Supporting schools and children's happiness

Happy school girl in Tansania

Tanzania: Giving children the opportunity of going to school

Orphaned duckling

Germany: Feeding up orphaned ducklings

Video impressions



Shaping Futures Success Story

Manashi Bharati took part in the Shaping Futures initiative. Nowadays, she has a full-time position at Naturals in India, and participated in the Schwarzkopf Professional ESSENTIAL LOOKS World Tour.




Special Olympics Germany




8,238,000 euros for donations worldwide.


We support 284 days time off from work for employee-initiated projects.


More than 1,358,108 people supported.


In total, we have supported more than 2,265 projects.

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