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Somat is your expert for automatic dish washing, offering superior cleaning results without any pre or post treatment.

With more than 50 years of German Technology, Somat has established a clear focus on consumer needs and innovation. Its portfolio offers a wide range of cleaners & additives, including innovative launches, such as:

  • Somat Gold tabs, our premium tabs with 10 functions, including the power soaking activator for superior cleaning even of burnt in stains and with 12 functions including the filter cleaning.
  • Somat Gold Gel, the only gel in a dual chamber bottle, which delivers a unique combination of active enzyme ingredients and alkalinity for a perfect cleaning.
  • Somat Gel Caps, the caps only in gel for brilliant shine.

With such a diverse offering, Somat is a choice of many in countries such as Germany, Austria, Spain, Poland, and many others.

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Laundry & Home Care
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Europe, Ukraine, Switzerland, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, Austria, Africa & Middle East, Israel
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