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Corporate Volunteering

As part of our corporate engagement, we support our employees and retirees in their social volunteering activities in the communities where they operate, in an effort to support social initiatives and public institutions worldwide.

By establishing Corporate Volunteering (MIT Initiative) in 1998, Henkel became one of the first German companies to include the voluntary social engagement of its employees and retirees as a significant element of its corporate social responsibility policy. By supporting their employee’s social engagement Henkel sees important benefits. Better teamwork, greater motivation in their job and closer identification with their employer are just some of the positive results that volunteers report. Furthermore, the volunteers play a pivotal role as a link between Henkel and its social environment.

Fritz Henkel historical portrait

Fritz Henkel Stiftung

Fritz Henkel Stiftung

In January 2011, Henkel established the Fritz Henkel Stiftung. This foundation serves as the umbrella for our social engagement. It has close ties to the company and underscores Henkel’s long term commitment to social involvement that goes beyond its direct business interests.

Make an Impact on Tomorrow in China: Donation Project “1,000 Smiles”

Henkel employees in China collect clothing and other items to help people in need in Tibet. MIT supported this employee effort. “1,000 Smiles” is a donation project that was launched by the Adhesive Technologies team in Asia-Pacific.

Make an Impact on Tomorrow in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina: An active retiree

Paul Morgan volunteers in an exchange project between schools in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. “I wanted to do something to help the elementary school in my hometown of Bodjani in Serbia.” MIT supports the project.