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Smart packaging!

Big, small, square, round, colorful, transparent, and made from paper, plastic or glass – we come into contact with packaging on a daily basis in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But often, we don’t take notice of them or even find them unnecessary. In short: they are often seen as waste. But packaging actually has real superpowers!



Henkel Sustainability Heroes

Have you seen that three types of packaging at Henkel have transformed into real super heroes?


The packaging for our consumer products fulfills many different functions: It ensures the hygiene and intactness of the products, protects them from external influences, provides space for necessary consumer information and often plays an important role in the purchasing decision through attractive packaging design and shelf appeal. In order to minimize the volume of waste, our packaging developers work constantly to design smart packaging that uses the least amount of material possible, and incorporates materials that can be recycled in public recycling systems.

Henkel sustainability goals for packaging at a glance

In defining our targets for 2020, we also set targets for packaging:

  • All business units are working to reduce packaging weight. Our targets for 2020 include a reduction in packaging weight of 20 percent per sales unit (base year 2010).
  • By 2020, we want to increase the proportion of recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) in bottles and recycled aluminum in cans.
    • Cans: We want to increase the use of recycled aluminum to 9 percent
    • Bottles: Our goal is to increase the amount of recycled PET in our bottle portfolio in Europe to 33 percent
  • Additionally, we want to reach more than 300 million consumers through more targeted information on recycling.

From October 24 to October 28, 2016, a sustainability week on the topic of sustainable packaging takes place. Henkel aims to increase the awareness for innovative – and especially sustainable – packaging solutions. Through a variety of information, employees worldwide are made aware of this topic.