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Working together for a more sustainable supply chain 

Together with our partners, we want to promote sustainabilityalong the entire value chain. Our sustainable suppliermanagement processes address economic, social, and environmental aspects.

Henkel supplier management

Henkel currently has suppliers and other business partners from around 130 countries. We expect our suppliers and business partners to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our sustainability requirements. In selecting and developing our suppliers and other business partners, we also consider their performance in regard to safety, health,environment, social standards and fair business practices.

Together for Sustainability (TfS)

The shared challenges of supply chains in Brazil were discussed at a supplier meeting with more than 300 participants in São Paulo in 2015. From the left: Lucilene De Morais of Oxiteno with Fernanda Escarim, Bertrand Conquéret and Ricardo Filho of Henkel Purchasing.

 In 2011, Henkel and five other companies in the chemical industry established the initiative Together for Sustainability – The Chemical Initiative for Sustainable Supply Chains” (TfS).

The TfS initiative aims to harmonize the increasingly complex supply chain management processes with regard to sustainability and to optimize the dialog among worldwide business partners. At the heart of the initiative is the idea: “An audit for one is an audit for all.” Suppliers only have to undergo one assessment or one audit. These are conducted by independent experts. An internet platform is then used to make the results available to all members of the initiative for information and approval.

The TfS grew once again in 2016 and the number of members has more than tripled from the original six to 19. In 2015, the first companies from the USA joined the initiative. Since the formation of TfS, the sustainability performance of more than 6,000 suppliers has been assessed. Moreover, the initiative had also received more than 700 audit reports.

Global expansion of the assessment and audit program in emerging markets, driven in part by supplier conferences in Shanghai, São Paulo and Mumbai, was again a main focus of activities.

In May 2016, TfS and EcoVadis were presented the SPLC Public Market Transformation Award. At the sixth presentation of the Responsible Business Awards of the Ethical Corporation in London in 2015, the TfS initiative received a mention as “highly commended” in the Best Supplier Engagement category.

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Together for Sustainability

TfS is a joint initiative of chemical companies for sustainable supply chains, founded in 2011. Learn more about the initiative.



Together for Sustainability

Learn more about the initiative “Together for Sustainability”