Henkel External Collaboration

This page is dedicated to our external business partners.

We hope the registration / sign-up experience worked well! Below you will find information about managing your multi-factor authentication (MFA), privacy guidelines, accessing Terms of Use and unregistering yourself from Henkel.

If you need further information or additional support, please reach out to Henkel Support. There are two ways through which Henkel extends support to our business partners:

  • via Henkel Contact
  • via Henkel Service Desk

Henkel Contact

Who is your Henkel Contact?

The Henkel employee who invited you is your Henkel Contact. You will find the email address of the Henkel Contact in your invitation email. Please keep a copy of the email for future reference. Invitation email furnishes the details like Henkel Contact email address and link to myapps portal.

When to reach out to Henkel Contact?

  • When the business partner account is about to expire (business partner will get email notifications, one 15 days before expiration and one 7 days before expiration)
  • If you wish to access any specific application or face any issues related to your access

Henkel Service Desk

When to contact Henkel Service Desk?

  • To reset MFA settings (for example to update change in mobile number or in case there is loss of smartphone)
  • To enable your Business Partner account. Service Desk will provide a ticket number and direct you to Henkel Contact. Henkel Contact will have to contact Service Desk with 48 hours otherwise the ticket will be closed.
  • To disable or delete your Business Partner account
  • To navigate to user profile and access information regarding user profile in apps portal

Henkel Service Desk contact information

Click here to access the Service Desk contact details. It is recommended to download the file for future reference.

Please provide below information to Service Desk:

  • User Name
  • User email Id
  • Organization
  • Contact Number
  • Issue Type**
  • Issue Description in Detail
  • Henkel Contact person

**Issue Type to be stated as issue with Registration Process, User disabled, MFA Reset or Others 

Important notes:

  • If you do not access Henkel applications for more than 180 days, your account will be disabled. Please get in touch with your Henkel Contact once you receive reminder emails.
  • Remember to "sign out" from the application after completing your work
  • Due to security reasons, you must ALWAYS authenticate with an additional device (Mobile Authenticator app or phone call / text message) when accessing Henkel applications