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What we want to achieve by 2030

To reach our goal of becoming three times more efficient by 2030, we will have to improve our efficiency by an average of 5 to 6 percent each year. We reached our targets for 2011 to 2015, improving the relationship between the value we create and our environmental footprint by 38 percent overall, and there was an efficiency increase of 43 percent by 2017. On the way to achieving our long-term goal of “Factor 3”, we also want to improve our performance further in these areas in the coming years. To help us achieve this, we have defined new medium-term targets:

On the road to our long-term goal "Factor 3" we intend to further improve our performance over the coming years. We have therefore defined our medium-term targets for 2020 and beyond:

Deliver more value...

... at a reduced footprint

How are we implementing our strategy?

To reflect the growing importance of sustainability for our stakeholders and our long-term
economic success, we defined three key drivers in 2016 that will help us to reinforce our leading position in sustainability over the coming years. We want to strengthen our foundation, boost the engagement of our employees and maximize our impact. Learn more about the implementation of our sustainability strategy.

What we have achieved

To reach our long-term goal of becoming three times more efficient by 2030 (“Factor 3”), we had set ourselves concrete Interim targets for 2020 (base year: 2010). Here is the current status:

Overview of our objectives

Strengthen foundation

  • Become three times more efficient by 2030
  • Become 75 percent more efficient by 2020
  • Each new product must continue to make a contribution to sustainability in at least one of our focal areas. 

Boost engagement

  • Activate and train all employees for sustainability
  • Reach 200,000 children with our education initiatives by 2020
  • Reach 20 million people by our social engagement activities by 2020

Maximize impact

  • Reduce the carbon footprint or our production by 75 percent by 2030
  • Help our customers and consumers to save 50 million tons of CO2 by 2020
  • Together with our partners, improve workplace conditions for one million workers in our supply chain by 2020