New Work: Flexible work, agile processes, modern leadership


Job applicants and employees are demanding more freedom to decide where, when and how much they work, while companies are devising new strategies to recruit and retain the best people in their field.

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Digital Future:How automation, Artificial Intelligence & 5G technology are changing the world


A high-tech and sustainable vision of the future would’ve been unimaginable just a few years ago. But it’s now becoming reality. Soon, we won’t be able to imagine our lives before the digital revolution.

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Circular Economy:How Henkel plans to foster a circular economy across its entire value chain

Perwoll bottles - Recycling

Packaging materials like plastic have many advantages, but their omnipresence has created a new set of challenges for us. How can we promote a responsible use of plastic within a circular economy and combat the problem of plastic waste through recycling?

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