Whether it is energy efficiency or industry 4.0: These topics not only move Henkel, but also our environment. As diverse and multifaceted as these topics are – we want to tell them in the same way. Because they are more than just a buzzword. Because there are exciting stories behind them. From our Features you can expect interesting insights from different perspectives.

Responsible Sourcing:From raw material to Henkel product

A hand holds a palm fruit in the air.

At Henkel we operate a holistic supplier management approach  – and work closely with our suppliers and partners to promote sustainability throughout our supply chain for the benefit of people and the planet.

Digital Future:How automation, Artificial Intelligence & 5G technology are changing the world


A high-tech and sustainable vision of the future would’ve been unimaginable just a few years ago. But it’s now becoming reality. Soon, we won’t be able to imagine our lives before the digital revolution.

New Work: Flexible work, agile processes, modern leadership


Job applicants and employees are demanding more freedom to decide where, when and how much they work, while companies are devising new strategies to recruit and retain the best people in their field.

Circular Economy:How Henkel plans to foster a circular economy across its entire value chain

Perwoll bottles - Recycling

Packaging materials like plastic have many advantages, but their omnipresence has created a new set of challenges for us. How can we promote a responsible use of plastic within a circular economy and combat the problem of plastic waste through recycling?

Innovation:Understanding change, shaping the future

A man looks through a glass window.

We are researching new technologies, assess consumer needs, and work with our customers on tomorrow’s solutions.

Industry 4.0:How digitalization transforms production and logistics


By taking advantage of the rise in automation, sensorics, data exchange and analytics in real time, companies are producing and delivering products smarter, faster and more efficiently, thereby opening a new world of possibilities.

Climate ActionOur path to becoming climate-positive

Solar panels and wind turbines

Reducing emissions is not enough for Henkel: We want to make an active contribution to climate protection and help others to reduce their emissions, too.

Social Engage­ment:Help where help is needed

Das Henkel-Helferteam bejubelt

In 1998, Henkel became one of the first companies in Germany to launch a program that supports employees in their voluntary work. "Make an impact on tomorrow", or "MIT" for short, encourages employees to take the initiative and supports social engagement.