Experience our state-of-the-art R&D facilities, groundbreaking technologies, inspiring working environment, and our long-lasting partnerships during your Inspiration Center Düsseldorf (ICD) visit.


At Adhesive Technologies, we believe that we need to collaborate to innovate. In the Inspiration Center Düsseldorf (ICD), we spearhead the future of adhesive technologies and drive customer-centric innovation across the world. We welcome customers, partners from industry, and academia to engage with our experts and jointly develop innovative technologies.

Are you looking for innovative technology solutions by learning from other application examples and being supported by an experienced partner? Then we would like to invite you to the ICD. Interact with our experts, be inspired during a customized ICD tour and innovate during a technology exploration workshop.

A portrait of a woman who is a Packaging Innovation Specialist.

The ICD is a must for all packaging material innovation professionals as it shows how to increase creativity in this field. It is indeed a true translation of ‘We Make It Happen’.

A portrait of a man who is a Manufacturing Research & Development Manager.

The ICD visit showed me the range of Adhesive Technologies' technology portfolio and enabled me to find new solutions.

A portrait of a man who is a Sports & Fashion Innovation Director.

The visit was great, especially the well documented examples from other industries that helped to inspire and ignite ideas that could be applicable in our industry!

A portrait of a man who is a Automotive Pretreatment & E-Coat Plant Manager.

I highly recommend others to visit the ICD because the experience was amazing, immersive, and educational.

A portrait of a woman who is a Plastic Components & Assembly Category Manager.

The visit to the ICD was insightful and refreshing. It made me think of all possibilities on how we can leverage Henkel's capabilities and use them to our CGM technology.

ICD highlights

  • Infinity Room

  • Permanent Exhibition

  • Automated Lab & Digital data platform

  • Consumer Adhesives Inspiration Hub

  • Advanced Automation Solutions Lab

  • Partnership Labs

  • Technology Center for Furniture & Building Components

  • Battery Application Center

  • Lab of Printing Technologies

Be inspired by a digital, interactive 270° experience and discover our broad technology portfolio and innovative strength.
The interactive design allows us to tailor your visit by demonstrating and linking your business to our technology expertise, which spans 800 industry segments, 20,000 applications and more than 10,000 solutions.

Discover the mega trends that are shaping our world and businesses through physical and digital exhibits. Each exhibit provides a practical example of how our solutions can be leveraged to overcome the technical challenges coming along with the mega trend at hand, and as a result enable safer, more reliable, more cost-efficient, and more sustainable designs.

Experience the first automated lab in the adhesive industry: an advanced, data-driven laboratory that automatically prepares, tests and screens new formulations. Connected to our Automated Lab is a cloud-based digital platform that captures the entire material development process. Each function facilitates the collection and analysis of clean, harmonized data, thereby enabling shorter development timelines.

In our Consumer Adhesives Inspiration Hub, we provide an inspiring space and means for deep dive into solutions we offer, products we market and knowledge we carry. Here, tailored to your visit, we showcase our capabilities and portfolio and work with you to develop new solutions that better support consumers in their projects. What's special about this is that you can touch and test our solutions on site.

Learn how we are expanding our general manufacturing and MRO portfolio to include data-driven IIOT solutions for the process industry, such as predictive maintenance and smart chemistry. Our customers benefit from continuous monitoring and reducing manual inspections, lowering costs by reducing unplanned downtime, increasing sustainability and reducing SHE risks, as well as protecting the operator's reputation and avoiding catastrophic failures, among other benefits. In addition, Henkel sealants and Sonderhoff Formed-in-Place-Foam-Gasketing (FIPFG) technology provide tailored solutions for mass production to protect internal systems from harmful contaminants.

Get inspired on how we shape innovations based on long-term and trusting partnerships with our 130,000 customers from all industries. To this end, we regularly invite our strategic partners to our Inspiration Center Düsseldorf and promote the open exchange of ideas. Our customers benefit from strengthened relationships and market positions, knowledge sharing and expansion of competencies, development of solutions that can only be worked out together, as well as improved customer solutions and shorter time-to-market.

Learn how we build process simulations using industrial equipment for future innovative products with the help of our 4 technology centers. Customers benefit from the development of algorithms used for the introduction of AI to replace operators (e.g. Smart Edge) and Henkel Connect tools with the aim of providing application support to customers via remote control.

The Battery Application Engineering Center is Henkel’s innovation hub for E-Mobility applications. It comprises two main facilities: the Battery Application Center, where we collaborate with our customers on next-generation material solutions, and the remote Battery Test Center dedicated to active battery testing and material behavior analysis.

Discover how we create data-driven solutions through formulation, printing and innovating within the Lab of Printing Technologies. By printing technologies, we mean 3D Printing, Printed Electronics and Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECA). In this lab, new design ideas are turned into digital 3D and 2D manufacturing innovations, leveraging Henkel's advanced materials science and automation capabilities.

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