Antica Erboristeria

Antica Erboristeria. Nature is our laboratory!
First launched in Italy in 1979 Antica Erboristeria offers a complete range of oral care products, selected to satisfy all relevant consumer needs.

Antica Erboristeria toothpaste offers a complete range for natural oral care. The traditional formula is based on herbals and is specifically adapted to the demands of the modern consumer. Its scientifically tested active cleaning complexes preserve the natural health of the oral mucosa and protect against plaque build-up.

The Antica Erboristeria product range offers protection and care for every demand. The broad range of toothpastes covers different consumer needs as for example effective whitening, complete protection, freshness and gum problems. Furthermore, for a complete Oral Care hygiene Antica Erboristeria offers a range of mouthwashes.

Information & Services

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