Dixan is your laundry detergent with Stain Detector Technology that contains a powerful combination of ingredients that can detect different kinds of stains and get to work on them in a highly targeted way.

Dixan based on synthetic, less foaming ingredients - the first special detergent for the machine was born in 1959. In 1966 - it became the first detergent with oxygen in order to remove unwanted stains. In contrast to the usual chloride oxygen it was more environmentally friendly. In 1974 - the first detergent for pre-wash and main wash. In 1981 - Dixan brought Ultral.  In 1990 - Dixan brought the phosphate-free, 2-fold concentrated Dixan 2000 on the market. A technological masterpiece of Henkel succeeded in 1992 with the invention of Megaperls, which were first introduced under the brand Dixan with the motto "you have the spots - Dixan has the solution". In 2000 Dixan introduced a Dixan Universal detergent on the market, which is equally suitable for white, colorful and modern textiles. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary Dixan strengthened his position as spots champion with new stain-magnet formula. The active formula, which unfolds its washing power from just a wash temperature from 20 ° C, as a magnet attracts stains from fabrics and ensures that whites bright white and colored laundry remains bright colorful. In 2011 Dixan presented itself with the improved stain-magnet formula for White and Colourful in a new, modern design. In 2012 brand Dixan came on the market with new 5x stain remover formula (highly effective active ingredients) that removes even the most stubborn stains - Stains won´t stop you!. Since September 2013, there is also the new shape of washing available - the innovative Duo-Caps. The pre-dosed liquid detergent is easy to use. June 2014 - Dixan is coming with improved stain detector technology. The unique and powerful combination of ingredients of even the toughest dirt thoroughly. Dirt, grease, oil and pigment spots, but also, for example, red wine or egg stains are not a problem anymore!