Pemolux is a famous Russian cleaning brand known already for 30 years and present almost in all households across the huge country. Market Leader, it became a synonim of abrasive powder and high cleaning efficacy. With Pemolux you can be sure that even stubborn stains in your kitchen or bathroom will disappear!

Pemolux appeared in Russia in 1984, during Soviet times, as abrasive powder and became an inevitable part of daily life for every housewife. After joining to Henkel portfolio, it was carefully grown and developed further to other sub-categories of home care products, such as abrasive creams and hand dishwashing. Pemolux values the efforts that every woman puts daily into providing best care for her family, and offers highly-performing products that do not contain aggressive chemicals. Still staying the powder in its core, Pemolux is bravely looking into the future to bring its proven efficiency to modern house-keepers via innovative products supporting Pemolux "Tough & Safe" approach to cleaning.

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