Right Guard

Right Guard: Perform like a man! Start your day right!

Enjoy maximum confidence throughout the day with Right Guard high performance anti-perspirant deodorants and shower gels.

Specially designed for men who want long lasting performance and more power: Right Guard brings you to a different dimension of performance in men's Body Care! Specifically developed for you: Right Guard delivers effective protection when you need it, against body odour and underarm wetness, and provides a feeling of confidence to help real men to go their way.

Right Guard is active in Deodorant and Shower segments:

Spray: Perform like a man!
Maximum protection. No body odour. Right Guard contains the new Sweat Detect Technology which protects before you sweat and fights against bad odor instead of just covering it up. For a fresh feeling lasting up to 72h. Alcohol free and extremely gentle with the skin.

Roll-on: Highly effective formula against body odour and wetness!
So powerful it beats the stress of sweating: Right Guard roll-on deodorants with Fast Dry Formula, have a highly effective formula that fights perspiration and body odour.

Stick: Odour protection in a stick!
Right Guard most efficient formulas are also available in a stick. Fast drying and very refreshing.

Shower: Discover a Shower Gel with long-lasting freshness
Discover a shower gel with anti-dry skin effect! Experience ultimate freshness while washing plus the innovative Anti-Dry Skin Technology to deeply refresh and fight dryness. 

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