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Nearly 65 years, Taft has come to represent ultimate hold – in all weather conditions, all day long.

It’s what made it legendary within the styling industry. But that’s no reason to stop evolving. Quite the opposite: Taft is constantly reinventing itself to better meet the ever-changing, individual needs of its customers.

Volume, shine, color, long-lasting hold: every Taft product is a styling superstar, created to meet specific hair requirements and make styling dreams come true. From ultimate-hold hairsprays and lacquers, volume powders, curl balms, styling waxes, gels, mousses and heat protection sprays; the Taft range delivers cutting-edge innovation for impeccable whole-day style, no matter the weather. It’s not surprising that it’s the number one female and male styling range in Europe. As an industry pioneer, it upholds a legacy of setting trends and influencing today’s hair fashion and style.