Terra : The beautiful floors expert

Terra - the floor care specialist that brings brightness to your whole house.

Terra brings to your ground a one-of-the-kind brilliancy thanks to its carefully-studied and unique formulae. Terra range enables you to have an ultra-clean and dustless floor.

Terra Eclat Express
Terra Eclat Express is recommended for numerous floor types (linoleum, stone floor, floor-tile, marble, ceramic & parquet floor, etc.).

Thanks to its unique formula based on plants alcohol, you will find freshness and brightness all through the house. Furthermore, the drying process is very fast and enables you to clean up really easily!

Terra Savon Noir
Thanks to its special formula based on brown soap, Terra cleans perfectly, removes grease marks from your ground and protects every kinds of floor: Stone floor, floor-tile, marble, ceramic, and linoleum and parquet floor.

Terra Brillance & Terra Carrelage
Terra formula contains a special cleaning agent of vegetable origin, in order to respect natural environment.

Citrus fruits essences of Terra Brillance (grapefruits, lemon, and mandarin) bring a durable freshness and cleanliness to the house.

The linseed oil present in Terra Carrelages, extracted from mature flaxseed, is well-known for its nourishing properties.  

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