Meet Ingrid

What initially drew you to the Henkel Adhesive Technologies Innovation Impact Program? 

It was the idea of having the opportunity to be introduced to the world of industry as a first job, while learning, having the chance to be part of the product development process, and learning about adhesive technologies. Also, the fact that someone with no previous work experience could have the opportunity to be involved in such tasks that caught my attention. In Mexico, I had already heard about Henkel, its work culture, and its quality, and I thought that all of this matched what I believe in and what I was looking for in a job.

Tell us about your first impressions of the program. What surprised, excited, or impressed you the most?

I think realizing how many opportunities we have to learn across different teams and technologies is one of the things that has excited me the most. Without a doubt, this program is a unique opportunity to explore the different technologies and areas that exist within Adhesive Technologies to find the place and the team where we know we can contribute to the good of generations.

What advice would you offer for graduates starting in R&D’s Product Development path at Henkel? 

I would say that although stepping out of our comfort zone and facing new challenges, new people and new tasks may sound intimidating, being able to do so in the environment that the IIP provides is a great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. I would advise them not to be afraid to ask questions, to look for opportunities to learn whenever they can, and to remember that there is always room for mistakes and improvement.

Can you share an example of a successful collaboration you had with a different team at Henkel and how this teamwork contributed to a positive outcome?  

During my first rotation at Adhesive Technologies, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a partner from the same generation of IIP, and between the two of us we have been carrying out a project in which we have learned together and contributed with results and input for our teams. It has been a great journey where we both have had the chance to learn the different methodologies used in our labs, and we’ve also had a great time finding the best way to make it work.