Meet Saral

What initially drew you to the Henkel Adhesive Technologies Innovation Impact Program? 

Switching from pure research in academia to applied research in industry can be challenging. It takes time to relearn a different system. The concept itself behind Henkel Adhesive Technologies' Innovation Impact Program was my main driver for applying for this job. The fact that I will be spending 18 months learning and redirecting my chemistry skills from synthesis to formulation of adhesives, understanding markets and businesses, was an exciting prospect. The cherry on top was the promise of an international and inclusive work culture and a permanent job contract.

Tell us about your first impressions of the program. What surprised, excited, or impressed you the most?

I was impressed by the program's absolute focus on learning about Henkel. The Impact Innovation Program, both on paper and (to my honest surprise) in reality, is very much centered on expanding your knowledge and network within the huge, varied, and dynamic landscape of the global leader in adhesive technology. The new team and the responsible individuals understood that one might come from a non-adhesive (polymer chemistry) background. The new team was always responsive to my queries and invested in building my skills so that I could live up to my full potential within Henkel.

What excites you most about the Inspiration Center in Düsseldorf?  

The Inspiration Center Düsseldorf is the state-of-the-art hub of Henkel's Adhesives operations. The sophisticated and modern labs, open-office culture, multiple coffee stations, and a great canteen are a few things that excited me about the ICD. However, the most important aspect of this building is its atmosphere. The ICD is an international collaborative space where people from different backgrounds are open, inclusive, and passionate, making working here both relaxing and exciting.

What can someone expect from the Henkel Adhesive Technologies Innovation program when they start?

The most impressive aspect during the joining week for me was the team itself. Unlike when someone applies for a single position, you join as part of a team of 10 people. You are immediately part of a group that helps you tackle the challenges of arrival to new city/country and onboarding within the company. Not only that, since you (the potential applicant) will be the 4th batch of the Innovation Impact Program, you will have almost 30 people who are or have been part of the program and will be there to support you. At the same time, there is a very supportive and helpful team at Henkel ready to ensure that you feel comfortable in this new environment as soon as possible.