Philipp's Career Path

How would you describe working at Henkel in one sentence?
A crazy, passionate roller coaster ride on which you steer and pioneer into your own future.

What does daring mean to you?
Daring means staying curious and enjoying life outside your comfort zone, leaving your sustainable mark and personal footprint within an organization. Trusting in your own and your team’s potential and thinking big. You will not regret it.

Within Henkel, you worked as an internal auditor in 9 countries and two business units. Who at Henkel has influenced your career development?
My colleagues supported and impacted my career development significantly. Lastly, it’s all about the people you work with and support yourself. They will be the ones by your side when you create your own career path. So, deliver results, leave your footprint, build your network, and support others in their pursuit of an exciting career. The more doors you open for others, the more doors will open for yourself.

Which career milestone are you most proud of?
The day I joined Henkel.

What impact has the team had on your work?
I exist as part of the team, so without the team, I do not exist. The people surrounding me and the people I “surround” are essential to my motivation, satisfaction, and growth. My team provides the impulses and exchange I need to be creative and contribute to our team’s ambition. I love my team.

What challenge do you want to tackle next?
It’s quite simple: I aim to keep improving my listening and empowering skills in order to craft the next generation of leaders at Henkel.