Serra's Career Path

How would you describe working at Henkel in one sentence?
So far, my Henkel journey has been extremely vibrant and dynamic. I was able to work in 3 different countries, 2 different regions, and 2 different functions. It was filled with exciting challenges and new learnings. 

What does daring mean to you?
To me, daring means experimenting with new ideas to drive business forward. It means accepting and embracing challenges to turn them into opportunities. 

What was your greatest learning when you built a new marketing team from scratch?
The offer to lead the marketing team came right after I returned from maternity leave, so that was a wild time in my personal life. But business wise, it was a very exciting, stimulating period with high expectations to elevate the business. I saw it as a challenge and opportunity at the same time. My biggest learning was uniting a team for one common goal, working not only with our brains but also with our hearts.

Which career milestone are you most proud of?
I’m proud I took on the challenge and dared to step out of my comfort zone. From my home country 10 years ago, I faced new horizons, working in CEE first and then in the MEA region. The decision accelerated both my personal and professional growth. The experience of encountering so many differences is priceless, not to mention the access to the extensive networking circle.

What impact has the team had on your work?
My team is the beginning and end of everything – it has an exceptional impact on the results. For me, trust lays the main foundation for teamwork. After working in such diverse teams, open communication and constructive feedback have become my key to a trusting relationship.