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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

HR Germany Pension & Social Benefits 

1. Health - Mobility

  • What is meant by "Plant Medical Service" and "Social Services" at Henkel?

  • Does the company doctor replace a family doctor?

  • What is MEGA? How is MEGA financed?

  • Are there discounts for local transportation? Do they only apply to the Rheinbahn or to the entire VRR/VRS area?

  • When can I start leasing a bike?

Our plant medical service has an emergency outpatient clinic, but also offers preventive measures such as skin cancer screening or colorectal cancer screening. In addition, occupational health screening, health promotion and sports and leisure activities to maintain health are a major focus. 

Social Services supports employees and supervisors with counseling services and prevention programs, such as childcare in Henkel company kindergartens, assistance for relatives in need of care, and active weeks for shift workers.  The programs aim to reduce stressful situations, support change processes, develop solutions and provide assistance. They are tailored to the individual situation and take place in a completely confidential setting. 

The company doctor is a supporting addition to the general practitioner's care. The company doctor's outpatient clinic provides on-site help and support.

MEGA is a preventive supplementary health insurance that Henkel finances 100%. You automatically participate in it. In this model, Henkel bears the full costs. The preventive health care package is worth approximately €1,900.

As an employee of Henkel Düsseldorf you receive an 11% discount on a variety of person related VRR tickets (e.g. Ticket 2000, Ticket 1000).

Depending on your desired fare level, you can travel only in Düsseldorf or in the entire VRR area. An extension to the tariff area Cologne in the VRS is of course also possible.

After the end of the probationary period, you can lease up to two Henkel bicycles with attractive conditions through deferred compensation. The lease term is three years and Henkel covers the cost of a full-service package.

2. Financial Provision

  • Are retirement benefits and pension plans financed entirely by the employer?

  • When do my entitlements to Henkel pension benefits start to vest?

  • Do the accrued Henkel pension benefits lapse if I leave the company?

  • Can I "take along" or continue the benefit from my current employer?

  • Do I have the opportunity to acquire Henkel shares (ESP)?

  • How much does Henkel subsidize the purchase of shares, and how much do I have to pay myself?

  • When can I start participating in the ESP?

There are currently two systems at Henkel: The Company Pension Scheme, AV2011, is financed exclusively by Henkel. The second plan, our Supplementary Pension Plan, is financed by your deferred compensation and is partially subsidized by Henkel.

After three years of service and an age of 21, your entitlements from the Company Pension Scheme AV2011 are vested. Your entitlements from the Supplementary Pension Plan through deferred compensation are contractually vested immediately.

After three years of service and an age of 21, your entitlements from the Company Pension Scheme AV2011 are vested. Your entitlements from the Supplementary Pension Plan through deferred compensation are contractually vested immediately.

Due to the legal regulation, this must be checked on a case-by-case basis. Please submit your documents after joining Henkel.

Through our Employee Share Plan (ESP), you have the opportunity to purchase attractive preferred shares.

Henkel currently pays a subsidy of 33.33%. For example, you buy shares for €100 per month and receive €33.33 from Henkel in addition.

If you join Henkel by July of a given year, you can acquire Henkel shares from January of the following year. If you join later than July, you cannot participate until the year after. 

3. Insurances

  • Can my existing occupational disability insurance (DI) be taken over by Henkel at the more favorable conditions? 

  • Is a health check necessary before enrolling the supplementary long-term care insurance CareFlex?

  • I already have private supplementary long-term care insurance - is CareFlex worth it?

  • Does the accident insurance also cover private accidents?

Our DI (BUV) offer is very attractive. Please make an appointment with our provider after joining Henkel. He or she will advise you accordingly as to whether it makes sense to stay, switch or a combination of both.

CareFlex is a supplementary long-term care insurance at Henkel from which you automatically benefit upon entry. No health check is required - regardless of your occupation at Henkel.

CareFlex is a very attractive supplementary long-term care insurance. Please make an appointment with our provider after joining the company to evaluate the offer. If taking CareFlex is not an option for you, you need to know that your employer contribution cannot be used for any other purpose.

Henkel's accident insurance is automatic when you join the company. It covers accidents around the world as well as all occupational and private accidents around the clock.

4. Other Benefits

  • Can I also choose certain benefits flexibly? 

  • Can I purchase Henkel products at a discount? 

In July 2021, Henkel introduced the "House of FlexBenefits" concept. If you are a tariff employee, you have an individual tariff budget per year that you can use flexibly, e.g. for sports and fitness activities or individual, additional days off.

Depending on your location, this is possible. In Düsseldorf, for example, vouchers for internal sales are currently being made available to employees.  

5. Contact

Do you have questions about Wellbeing Benefits topics or would you like to receive more information? Then feel free to contact our team.