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The Shower Rap: Water is my Homie

A more sustainable lifestyle without turning your everyday life upside down? Henkel Beauty Care invited a creative online-community to submit inventive videos that motivate for responsible shower behavior.

Henkel Sustainability Week in Spain

From the mouths of babes: at Henkel, “people learn to take care of themselves and the planet.” Hear children’s take on the (Y)OUR MOVE campaign.

Henkel’s application process

Learn all you need to know about your application at Henkel.

Video message from CEO Carsten Knobel

Thank You video Corona

Thank you to all our colleagues

The Power of Sustainability

Join us on our journey for a better tomorrow! 💥 Find out how we aim to pioneer new solutions for sustainable development. This ambition encompasses all of our company’s activities – along the entire value chain.We can protect the resources we share everyday! 🌱 Learn more here: #sustainability #CircularEconomy

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